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Considering a session with the Mistress? Whether it's your first visit with Me, your second, your third session with Me, or your first visit with a Domme in general, there are some basic manners and protocol that are important for you to follow.

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Green Light
  • Bondage (rope, leather
    restraints, handcuffs, etc)

  • Chastity Training
  • Corporal Punishment
    (mild to heavy)

  • Creative CBT, NT
  • Cross dressing
  • Domestic Servitude
  • Fetish Play
    (latex, shoes, feet, stockings, etc.)
Green Light
  • Foot Worship, Leg Worship
  • Humiliation
  • Medical Play
  • Mummification
  • Psychodrama, (mind control)
  • Role Play (kidnapping scenes, etc)
  • Sensual Domination
  • Sensory Deprivation
  • Sissy Training
  • Trampling
  • Tickle Torment
  • Water Sports
Red Light

Activities the Mistress does not provide

  • Bloodletting
  • Farting
  • Infantilism
  • Roman Showers
  • Scat
  • Sex
  • Severe face/ball kicking
  • Wrestling


My tributes are competitive with others in my field. However, I tailor all of my sessions to meet the needs of each individual scene. Considerations include the time spent in session, rental rates, and activities within the scene.

Scenes that involve mutli play/more than one fetish, start at 1 hour and can go up to overnights. I recommend, if at all possible, all first time sessions start at 1.5 - 2 hours.

Mistress Chase

If you are new, a deposit will be required, no exceptions. More details about deposits will be provided either by email or phone.

It is best to arrange a session 48-24 hours in advance. Occasionally, I can accommodate a same day session, if I have sufficient notice. Afternoon, or evening sessions need to be set up at least 3-4 hours in advance. Same-day fees will apply.

With sufficient notice, Multi-Domme sessions can also be arranged. I have a select, few lovely ladies that I enjoy sessioning with.

Considering a Kidnapping scene? These intense, highly charged scenes are best done with two Dommes. Not to mention they are amongst Mistresses favorite scenes.

Although, I prefer for you to contact me via email first, then, a phone call or two, is always required before any session. Deposits, rates, scene play activities, etc, for the session will be discussed. Texting, unless we are familiar with one another, is not an acceptable form of communication in setting up a session.

For any questions that you may have about setting up a session, please email Me goddess@mistresschase.com .