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My Philosophy

Creative kink starts between the ears

With years of experience as a Professional Domina, I am at a point of comfort and confidence. The passion that I've accumulated, over the years, for creating one of a kind theatrical scenes, with those who seek to submit to Me, has only grown stronger.

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Upon reflection, it only seems natural that my path led me to enter the doors of BDSM, which eventually resulted in my job as a Professional Dominatrix. However, I did not come into the scene until adulthood. For this I am grateful because the (true) lifestyle isn't for the childish or immature, instead it is a game for adults, with powerful minds and kinky thoughts that need a safe space for exploration. I find myself drawn to the intelligence of the (most) people that are attracted to this lifestyle. The psychological thrill, the theatrics, not to mention, the lush darkness shrouded in mystery, keeps me seated on My throne.

It is my thought that long term scene exploration is not for the weak or faint of heart, either for Domme or sub. Strength of character and owning up to one's truth is paramount in the world of BDSM.

After assessing each person I plan a session with, (which always consists of one or maybe more phone calls, emails, etc.) I create one of a kind scenes because no two people are the same. Some of the activities I enjoy, while conducting the many scenes I've had, are; role playing, bondage, corporal punishment, psychodrama, foot and leg fetishism, sissy slut training and predicament scenes. I am comfortable with a curious novice (who is respectful and sincere in his pursuits) to someone who is seasoned and or enjoys a more edgy scene. The most important element in any scene is the energy exchange between Domme/sub. When the synchronicity and energy metamorphoses between us flows, the possibilities are endless, and our time together tends to end too quickly.

I'm Ready

As a Pro, I generally see clients who keep this side of their lives a secret because they know they would be misunderstood by both their families and society. Although BDSM is more accepted in popular culture now, the male submissive is overlooked by the mainstream, in favor of the female submissive. A majority of subs have recalled countless stories to me of feeling ashamed to tell anyone about their kink, let alone those closest to them, for fear of being rejected and humiliated.

In My opinion, most submissives are a special breed that most vanilla men could learn from. The true submissive seeks out a Domme for a variety of reasons, an outlet for his kink high on his list. However, if he remains on his journey and finds the right Domme, there are many life lessons that can change him for the better in the long run. I have seen very difficult personalities transformed into a more humble and decent human, under the tutelage of a wise and talented Domme.

One thing is for certain, times have really changed in the last few years. I know for Me, the need to escape into My sessions from what's going on in the world, has made the experience all the more fun and rewarding. I adore those that have sessioned with Me for many years and look forward to the (selective) new ones that would like to escape with Me. Mistress Chase, Professional Dominiatrix