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Considering a session with the Mistress? Whether it is your first time visiting Me or a Domme in general your second or your third session with Me, there are some basic manners and protocol that are important for you to follow.

Inquiring about a session

If you are interested in a session or have any questions regarding a session, there is a contact form on My website to fill out. Or at the very least, send a polite email detailing your interests and any questions that you may have. I generally respond within a 24-hour period.

Mistress Chase

I will not respond to rude or obscure emails.

Once we have exchanged an email or two, a phone conversation will follow. During our conversation, I expect the same politeness, as well as sincerity as to what you are seeking during our session. This will allow for the session to flow more smoothly.

For all the time wasters and wankers, who just want to talk endlessly on the phone about your fantasies and desires, there are 800 numbers for that. As soon as I detect that you are a ww (and I always do, I will hang up). Inquiring with a Domme is not child's play, it is for grown ups, who are serious about seeking a session.


Same Day Sessions. Same day sessions are sometimes possible, for an extra fee. If you contact Me in the morning between the hours of 8-10 a.m., I can at times (if I am not busy) accommodate sessions. Do check my activities and rates page for the same day fee.

Good Times

Preparation for a session. Once we have set up a session, there are a few basic, common sense preparations. Take a shower, brush your teeth or at the least gargle with mouthwash! Different play can also require additional preparation, which we can discuss during our phone conversation.

Not available

If you are considering a session DO NOT ask for a discount, I do not give them. Read My activities and rates page, If you can't pay, you can't play, its as simple as that. I provide a quality service and in return for that, I expect adequate compensation.

I DO NOT provide sex with Me of any kind. As a Professional Dominatrix, I have perfected certain arts over the years. I provide one of a kind intense sessions for everyone who walks through My doors. I submerge Myself into My scenes, without compromising My integrity.

I AM NOT looking for personal slaves, bartering of any kind, or houseboys. I have slaves that have been around for a long time, that I can call on for any service that I may need.